Your physical health is at least as important to us as your financial health.

At Ingard IFM we appreciate that while many of our clients are young at heart, they are generally the older members of our community. We understand that many of you will have concerns about the virus and would wish to know that we are doing all we can to stem the spread of the virus and to ensure that you can remain safe while continuing to deal with us. To that end this is what we have done.

  • You may still contact us through telephone and email.
  • Documents can be signed and delivered through the post as normal.
  • You can now meet with us via your webcam, and if you don’t have one, you could still see us if you have a computer, preferably with a microphone.
  • Our office in the Isle of Wight is now open to visitors and, following a risk assessment, is deemed low risk by the various steps we have taken.
    The enclosed picture does not show the clear screen very well and so the risk assessment has been hung from the screen to show where it is. Should you wish to visit the office you will need to make an appointment. You can attend in a party of up to 3 people who must either live with you or be part of your bubble. You must let us know if any of your party have any signs of illness in the two weeks before your visit and in the week after your visit.

    If you have shown signs of illness before your visit we would ask that you defer the meeting or meet in another way such as via the phone or web camera. You and we will all need to wear a mask upon entering the building. Just inside the door is an automatic dispenser of alcohol based hand sanitiser, please apply liberally to both hands. There is only a short walk to the meeting desk but the hall and door way are narrow and social distancing should be observed. Once seated you can remove your masks.

    You will find the following safety measures in place:

  • There is a large screen across the long meeting table so that we can face each other without directing our breath at each other.
  • Windows and the door will remain open for fresh air, unless it is cold. In which case the window will remain open and the door will be shut, but a wood burner will be lit to provide warmth and to remove the used air from the room up the chimney.
  • There is an air purifier which, apart from extracting impurities, also applies ultra violet light to the filtered air to remove any viruses.
  • The office is cleaned before and after each visit.
  • There is no staff at the premises, other than the adviser you are meeting.

    We hope this gives you the confidence to use Ingard IFM and to know that your physical health is as important to us as your financial health.