Lifetime Mortgage advice on the Isle of Wight

At Ingard IFM we can advise you if a lifetime mortgage is right for you, which type and from which provider.
Whether your Palace’s south tower requires building work, you want to make gifts to children before you pass away or just repay some debts, we offer a free initial consultation your home or our offices.

Expert and clear advice

We offer expert independent advice on ways to self-fund from assets or use long-term care annuities, and how to structure your assets so that they should not be so quickly depleted by care costs. Commonly, this involves running forecasts on funding directly from capital, funding from long term care products and comparing the two to assist in making the right choice. We can explain each and every aspect of these schemes clearly and can help you make the right choice.

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Helping you select the right Lifetime Mortgage:

    With property prices having risen exponentially in recent years, there has been a corresponding growth in those over 55 looking to unlock some of the equity tied up in their property rather than downsize or, move to areas with lower property prices. This can help fund retirement, help children or grandchildren, or pay for that cruise you have always promised yourself. Capital can be released, typically either as a lump sum or as a “facility” which can be drawn on as you need it. We can help by explaining the benefits and drawbacks, any alternative options and help you decide if equity release is right for you.

    Ingard IFM LLP is a broker and not a lender.

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