Advice on placing new investments and managing existing investment portfolios

At Ingard IFM, we can help you make the right investment choices for your target growth and/or income. Call us today

Expert investment planning services

Whether you’re looking for advice on placing money into an investment for growth or income, or need help selecting the right funds for your existing investments get in touch with us. At Ingard IFM, we can provide professional advice on the different investment vehicles that are right for you, including onshore and offshore bonds, ISAs, OEICs or unit trusts. We can also help you identify assets qualifying for Business Property Relief. Once your money is invested, whether by us or not, we can manage the investments for you, with ongoing advice on the fund choice and the asset allocation models to ensure your investment continues to suit your risk and return. We provide consultations at our offices in Wootton Bridge (IOW), London and Essex and can visit you in your own home.

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Rely on us for assistance with:

  • Unit trust’s and OEIC’s
  • ISAs
  • Investment funds
  • Investment strategy
  • Investment taxation advice
  • National Savings & Investments
  • Income and growth
  • Regular investment reviews

If you need assistance with new or existing investments on the Isle of Wight, call Ingard IFM: