Long-term care funding advice on the Isle of Wight

At Ingard IFM, we can advise you on how to fund the costs of long-term care and provide complete assistance on choosing the right way for you. Call us today. We offer free initial consultations at a location to suit you.

Expert and clear advice

We offer expert independent advice on ways to self-fund from assets or use long-term care annuities, and how to structure your assets so that they should not be so quickly depleted by care costs. Commonly, this involves running forecasts on funding directly from capital, funding from long term care products and comparing the two to assist in making the right choice. We can explain each and every aspect of these schemes clearly and can help you make the right choice.

Feel free to call us if you have any queries.

Why consult Ingard IFM?

  • Advice on what you are entitled to from the local authority
  • Professional advice on the ways you can fund the difference between your income and the care costs
  • Calculations and forecasts for each solution and the long-term effects on your beneficiaries inheritance
  • Advice on funding from existing assets or Long-Term Care annuities and get you the best rates
  • Respected and trusted financial advisors
  • Comprehensive services

For advice on funding for long-term care on the Isle of Wight, call Ingard IFM on: